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Building a resume isn’t as simple as it looks and sounds. Build My Resume is a premium resume writing service for dreamers to get the first impact right. Your resume has a few seconds to create that wow impression. An ordinary resume may cost you your job and incur heavy costs on multiple failed attempts over a long-term view.

At iFCast Consulting, we have the best resume writing talent, expertise, & experience to develop a fully personalized resume based on various parameters viz. educational background, functional experience, strong-points, and career ambitions.

We build your resume from scratch & craft each sentence to highlight your profile overview so that your resume gets noticed and picked-up by recruiters and various automated systems. Our resume writing services are built for every experience level to crack their dream jobs.

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  • Company Name: The Oreo Company Ltd.
  • Address: Queens, NY 11375 USA
  • Website:
  • Company Profile:
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